Welcome to the Seymour Equine Clinic

YIPEE!! It’s August, which means it’s dental month again

Just as we go to the dentist for our yearly check-up, it’s just as important that we get our horses teeth checked every year. Some horses may even need a dental check up every six months. It’s also a great time to give our horses a very thorough check over and discuss any other health concerns or routine vaccinations and worming procedures.
Is your horse doing poorly?
Is his coat dull and coarse? Do you struggle to get weight on and maintain it?
There are many signs that your horse may need his teeth floated.
We are offering you a 15% discount off our normal price for a veterinary dental exam - 25% off if you bring your horse to the clinic!!.
All this is done by our very experienced Veterinarians. So please ring us to arrange to have your horse's teeth checked today.
* Please note all our dentals are done under sedation. Travel is not included

About Us

Established in 2009, Seymour Equine Clinic offers a comprehensive range of equine veterinary services for horses of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced equine veterinarians have a wide range of medical and surgical skills to treat your horses both on farm and at the purpose built clinic.

The clinic is located on 40 acres, just outside of Seymour. Our hospital facilities include four stables, two yards with shelters and 15 well fenced paddocks. The large treatment room has a purpose built vet crush and there is an artificial mount for stallion collection. We also have a resident teaser mare.

A vet can be contacted 24 hours a day on our practice number 03 5799 1441. After hours fees apply on weekends or before 7am and after 5pm on weekdays.